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Ours is the home of high-precision Surgical, Dental and Beauty Instruments and all kinds of Scissors where-in you get high-quality German standard instruments under one Roof.

Beau-Elite Products were established in 2004 and since then have achieved tremendous success by virtue of constantly dedicated efforts, devotion to duty and maintenance of quality control.

Having acquired state- of – the- art production facility and keeping it well maintained at all stages of production, the Company have become one of the best exporters of German standard Surgical/Dental/Beauty Instruments at very competitive prices across the globe, especially to England, USA & Australia.

Customer Satisfaction: A word of satisfaction from our worthy clients is deemed by us to be the price of our products. So, we devote all our resources and technical-know-how to earn applause and commendation from our valued customers through our matchless quality, balanced prices and on-time deliveries.

Quality Management: Quality management system is in vogue in our Unit, and is being properly implemented and successfully executed at all production stages. This indeed is as a result of constant professional and vigorous team efforts under-taken by the most responsible, professional and dedicated staff members of Beau-Elite Products. This is why our products are recognized all over the world as of unbeatable quality.


We are also certified for ISO 9001:2008 and for CE mark.

OUR SERVICES: Beau-Elite Products are a multinational Company of Pakistan, and have established their offices in the world’s biggest markets like those of England, Canada and Australia where our highly professional associates would always welcome you at to build a long-term professional relationship with.


Distributors: We also work on distributorship basis world-wide. So, we welcome any parties since interested to be our sole distributors/representatives in their countries, and may contact us at

Your Own Designs & Brands: We understand that every customer has his own design and brand names. So we make your products according to your own specifications and brands and designs. However, please be sure that your brands & designs are your sole property, which we keep highly confidential and will never mishandle outside the premises of our industrial Unit.

Any Suggestion/Comments are Welcome: This catalogue, like any other in the world, may be prone to improvement as no catalogue could be 100% perfect. Therefore, we would welcome any suggestions and inputs or comments you may have for its improvement to make it even a better resource of consultation and ordering from.

Beau-Elite Products is name of the high quality.


Defence Road, Rawail Garh (51310) Sialkot-Pakistan.
Tel: +92 (52) 325 2572 / 325 1807
Fax :+92 (52) 325 1808


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Beau-Elite Products
Tel: +92 (52)  325 2572
Fax :+92 (52) 325 1808




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